Protectoplas | AG-TANK II™

Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks for the Agriculture Industry


The AG-Tank II is a plastic fertilizer tank which is maintenance-free, and also a double containment tank designed for the storage of liquid fertilizer in compliance with ODA 901:5-2 regulations. Whether you are a large scale farmer or small scale this tank can make the storage of your fertilizer easier, and safer. It is portable and self contained, equipped with a center dome lifting lug for ease of use, and an interstitial space that is sealed and vented. In addition the interstitial space has the ability to allow for draining, and there is no dike required with our design. The system measures 102” in diameter and 124” in height weighing in at 1,400LBs with a capacity to hold 3,200 gallons of liquid fertilizer. This system arrives factory assembled and was designed to aid farmers from a cost and use perspective. Additional accessories such as ladders and platforms are available to improve efficiency of use. Other sizes are available upon request


  • Leak Detection Systems w/Strobes

  • Level Gauges and Ultra Sonic Level Detection Systems

  • Teflon Tank Washing Nozzles

  • Heat Panels and Emersion Heaters to Maintain Desired Temperatures

  • Electrical and Pneumatic Controls for Process Automation

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation for Tanks

  • Explosion Proof Requirements When Needed

  • Several ManWay Options Including Bolted, Threaded, and Hinged

  • Hold Down Systems and Lift Lugs

  • Welded or Mechanical Fittings for Piping Connections

  • Load Cells and Scales for Accuracy

  • Powder Coated Access Ladders and Mezzanines with Staircases

  • Custom Access Ports and Down Pipes


At Protectoplas, we look forward to working with you on your next tank project. For a customized quote, click the link below or give us a call to learn more. Our Customer Service Department is at your complete disposal for any questions.