Protectoplas | Accessories

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Accessories are additional items or modification to a tank system. The products listed below are commonly requested items; if you do not see the product/s required for your specific needs, please call us at 800.525.2661.
  • WFN Flanges – ANSI

    Model: WFN

  • WFN Flanges – DN (Metric)

    Model: DN

  • Welded Couplings

    Model: WFC

  • Tangential Flanges

    Model: WFN-TAN

  • Welded U-Vent

    Model: U-VENT

  • Poly-Pro Bulkhead

    Model: PP-BHF

  • Stainless Steel Bulkhead

    Model: BHF-SS

  • Down Pipe

    Model: DWNP

  • Access Ladders

    Model: LAD

  • Anti Vortex

    Model: VORT

  • Carts

    Model: CRT

  • Casters

    Model: CST

  • Center Dome Lift Lug

    Model: CNDLL

  • Cooling Loop

    Model: CL

  • Deflection Plate

    Model: DEFF

  • Diffusion Plate

    Model: DIFF

  • Distribution Boxes

    Model: DIST

  • Drum Filling

    Model: DRMF

  • Eductors

    Model: ED

  • Engraving

    Model: ENG

  • Exhaust Hoods

    Model: EH

  • Fork Pockets

    Model: FKP

  • Grating

    Model: GR

  • HDPE Sanitary Fitting

    Model: SAN

  • Heaters

    Model: HTR

  • Hold Down Systems

    Model: HDS

  • Insulation

    Model: INSL

  • Leak Detection

    Model: LEAK

  • Level Detection

    Model: LVL-US

  • Level Gauge

    Model: LVL-GA

  • Liners

    Model: LNR

  • Manways – Bolt and Gasketed

    Model: BGM

  • Manways -Threaded

    Model: THRD

  • Manways (Hinged)

    Model: HM

  • Manways (Shoe Box)

    Model: SB

  • Metering Pumps

    Model: PUMP

  • Mushroom Vent

    Model: M-Vent

  • Overflow Scupper

    Model: SCUP

  • Pipe Legs

    Model: PIPELEG

  • Piping

    Model: PIP

  • Platforms

    Model: PLT

  • Removable Tops

    Model: RMT

  • Screens

    Model: SNS

  • Sight Glass

    Model: SG

  • Sprayer Systems

    Model: SPYS

  • Stand Leg Extensions

    Model: EXT

  • Tank Stand

    Model: STAND

  • Valves

    Model: VLV


At Protectoplas, we look forward to working with you on your next tank project. For a customized quote, click the link below or give us a call to learn more. Our Customer Service Department is at your complete disposal for any questions.