Made To Order Tanks and Parts

Protectoplas offers state of the art design and manufacturing capabilities for all industries. Our newest fabrication facility offers the latest in CAD, CAM, and FEA design along with CNC machining capabilities. Specializing in plastics, large and small fabrications are our specialty.

Some examples of current and previous work include:

– fume scrubber systems complete with hoods and duct work, 

– pickling equipment, 

– submersible aquatics, along with

–  cooling tower and dewatering equipment.

We offer plastic and woodcutting services with CNC precision. Immediate capabilities for stock sizes of 60 inch (1524mm) x 144 inch (3657.6mm) x 9 inch (228.6mm) machined in 3 axes to be cut, packaged, and shipped today.

Offering full service drop or blind shipping, custom name plate engraving, and stock/application of your labels to any equipment free of charge. Storage capabilities and pricing programs are available for those seeking a stockless store front options, and parts can be fabricated per your own designs.

Contact one of our techs today to turn your vision into a reality.