Welcome to Protectoplas


Protectoplas began in 1962 as the fiberglass tank manufacturer Protective Plastics Company. They serviced much of the same industry as today fabricating tanks, hoods, duct and custom parts out of FRP. In the 1970’s, as the rotationally moulded tanks become a more desirable storage solution, Ebco Inc was formed to branch out into this emerging market. The Protectoplas division was created to handle all of the heavy industrial fabrication of tanks and products out of new materials such as HDLPE, Polypropylene, and PVC.

Now in 2016 we offer a wide range of products backed by years of fields service and experience. Our welded flanges, MT mixing tank line, DW double walled tank line, Bleach-Guard System TM, AG-TANK II TM, and custom fabrication abilities make Protectoplas Company the end all solution for domestic and global companies seeking chemical resistant parts. We strive to offer optimal design solutions by using the lasted in CAD, CAM, FEA software. Our 50,000 sq ft fabrication facility in Streetsboro,Ohio allows for a vast range of ability to service any size project while also providing indoor storage for our inventory.

Leading the plastic tank and fabrication industry in innovation and quality for over 40 years, protectoplas Company is the best solution for your chemical storage needs.